Welcome to the Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice

Our Mission

To promote religious tolerance, interfaith dialogue, and education about religions of the world as a pathway to world peace.

Founded in 2011, the Institute is a non-profit organization, incorporated in California under state and federal non-profit laws. See more...


We have no standard set of beliefs required of our supporters. However, all of us, by volitionally electing to participate in this initiative, tacitly subscribe to a common set of fundamental assumptions, such as the fact that all people have an equal right to liberty, justice and peace; and that religious tolerance is crucial to the establishment of peace and justice.

We uphold each person’s right to choose their religious beliefs, and affirm that no one has the right to force religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs upon any other person, either by physical force, or by any other means, such as social, economic, psychological, or political coercion. The right to free expression of worship, or the lack thereof, is an individual right, so long as such free expression does not hinder the mutual freedom of others.

“Worthless is the religious devotion that
causes people to be crushed against their will.”
— St Crispina, African Christian martyr, beheaded Dec. 5, 304 CE


  • Our Objectives and rationale lays out why we were formed and what we aim to do.
  • Board of Directors provides information on the backgrounds of the Institute’s strategic and policy decision makers.
  • The profiles of our Staff members show the expertise that has been marshaled to execute the decisions of the Board.
  • Collaborative partnerships provide a succinct formulation of the Institute’s approach to on the ground networking.
  • Our unique and innovative programs further our mission and engage the community.

The Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice was founded to promote religious tolerance, coexistence, and interfaith dialogue. By promoting interfaith dialogue and universal respect for different faiths, we seek to minimize the conflicts that are shaped by religion and that employ religion as their excuse. We seek to disarm the religious intolerance that is often the cause and underlying root of oppression and warfare.

Through a variety of innovative methods, we seek to educate and excite the general public about the diversity of religious beliefs found worldwide. The goal of our educational efforts is to combat religious oppression, intolerance and violence by highlighting the commonalities shared by all peoples as a stepping stone to the peacemaking process. By tackling religious intolerance as the root problem of many of our modern difficulties, we will be better able to handle them.

We seek to have far reaching and long lasting effects in helping the world to mature to a more peaceable, tolerant and just place.